Elevate! [the Dalek begins to fly up the stairs]




You picked the wrong side, agent.
Depends on where you’re standing.


I was almost in tears at the sequence where you juxtapose Cap talking about freedom, and the price you pay for it, while the loyal SHIELD agents (most of whom appear to be techs and administrators) try to delay the heavily armed, utterly ruthless STRIKE teams who’ve been coopted by HYDRA.  Watching them give their lives to try to delay the launch, seeing the pilots mown down by the Winter Soldier before they can give Cap and Falcon art support, hearing that one middle aged, overweight guy shout “Don’t launch!  Don’t launch!” as he runs toward a helicarrier despite the STRIKE team shooting him without a moment’s hesitation - it was one of the best moments in the film, and so utterly heartbreaking.

We’ll never know, but how much you want to bet that Steve learned the names of every single one of them and wrote their survivors a condolence letter?  Or attended as many funerals as he could once he was out of the hospital?  THESE were the heroes, the men and women who had nothing but their courage, and their love of freedom.


Gwen Stacy’s first & real last lines

↳ They were pretty clear that that’s what they wanted — the kind of Gwen that they wanted — at my first audition, that she was going to be his equal and that she was going to be a modern woman.” - Emma Stone


Sherlock was all smiley and makin jokes because he thought John would be happy and excited to see him again after 2 years because he never ever anticipated that his fake death would hurt John long-term in any way and that John would be emotionally scarred from seeing his best friend JUMP OFF A BUILDING and he doesn’t even know how much he means to John and he didn’t even know he was John’s best friend, HE DIDN’T KNOW THAT. Punch my entire face


The Magic Begins: Favourite Wizarding Family
↳ The Weasleys


mark ruffalo is so down to earth like i feel like he doesnt even know hes a celebrity hes just some guy and all these famous people are around him and he has no clue what is happening


And then there’s Thranduil. 


i imagine both steve and bucky like to come up with different ways to poke fun at sam every time they pass him during jogging

because they are shitheads

(the first one is a print you can get here)




*goes to a party and awkwardly follows friend around the entire time*

*goes to a family reunion and awkwardly follows mom around the entire time*

*goes to hell and awkwardly follows satan the entire time*



One of the few times where Iroh is blunt as hell

Iroh was the best man